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Last Online:    22 Aug-2018
32 year old Sikh man, currently living in Mid, United Kingdom

Be The Lighthouse - Satnam! ☺️
Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fatehhh Ji, thankyou for viewing my profile! Well here goes! A little about myself:..... More

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About Me
Basic Info
Posted by : Friend
Marital StatusNever Married
Height5ft 4in - 162cm
Body TypeSlim/slender
Primary Language English
Astrological SignCancer
Profile Last Modified:22-Aug-2018
My Location
Current Residence: Mid, United Kingdom
Residency Status:Citizen
Family fromUnited Kingdom
My Sikh Values
I wear a turbanYes
I am a vegetarianYes
HairI keep my hair uncut
AlcoholI don't drink alcohol
SmokeI don't smoke
I am a Practicing SikhYes
Spiritual ValuesHighly important to me
General cultural valuesMix of East and West

My Education and Career
Education Unspecified
Annual IncomeUnspecified

More About Me and My Interests

About myself and the type of person I would like to meet.
Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fatehhh Ji, thankyou for viewing my profile! Well here goes! A little about myself: My name is Sandeep Singh (jujharoo_singh insta), 33 year old Sikh following a Gursikhi Jeevan. I live in the United Kingdom and have done since birth, born and raised here. I can be a quiet, shy, bold person until I come out of my shell and you perceive my other side, yet professional and well mannered. I wasn’t always a gursikh but this is something that came upon me over time and with maharajs kirpa, I was blessed with Amrit! So I have seen both sides of the coin, the sikhi and non sikhi side - I would never go back to my old lifestyle, my future lays in the hands of maharaj now. I would like to meet an alike minded person, it doesn’t matter if shes not baptised just yet but as long as she is working towards this objective and holds strong intentions of having a gursikh family in the near future.

I am very open minded person, not judgemental but hold strong views. i have no preference country wise thou I hope she would be happy to settle down in the UK with me. Unfortunately I cant sing or do kirtan as the sangat would walk off after hearing my voice lol, thou I have love for martial arts and gatka. I enjoy reading and listening to music, majority of it being dharmik, 3ho(western), kirtan, raag as well as a little bhangra and whatever’s on the radio! Im not really much of TV guy thou I do enjoy watching movies once in a while on the couch.

Nature, wildlife, earth, creation, science, technology, cooking, supernatural, stargazing, travelling, meditation sadhana, kirtan, and a little yoga hold strong ties with me in life. It would be nice to meet someone who holds similar interests with a passion to grow together in sikhi.

Awaiting my Kaur Sarbloh armoured, bana in blue, well tooled with a thing or two – ok ripped jeans and a hoody would do me fine.

Something I would like to do but haven't done before
Heres a short yet extensive list of things I would love to do:
-travel the world, skydive, go on long road trips, scuba diving would be fun with marine life, clay pot shooting, horse riding, learn Spanish, go trekking – Kilimanjaro, hot air balloon trips and continue to spread lots of godly love – akaaluh’!

What being a Sikh means to me.
This life would have gone in vain if maharaj never pulled me out the billions, as animals live their life’s, I would have been non the better. Sikhi has had an massive impact on my life, its given me another chance, a new life, another beginning, maharaj is like ‘you go boyyy whoop whoop’ and set me free in this Matrix lol. The vibrations, the vibes, the positivity, the love, the light – all from the one lord has been packaged In the form of human intellect and passed down to this empty canvas to shine fourth.

tis gur ka-o sad balihaarnai jin har sayvaa banat banaa-ee.
I am forever a sacrifice to that Guru, who has led me to serve the Lord.

My Favorite books, music, songs, movies, etc.
Roald dahl, enid Blyton, the hunger games, harry potter, saving private ryan, meet the fockers, are we there yet? Mamaduke, matilda, smurfs, Disney and animation, horror movie, action/thriller movies, martial arts movies, ajeet kaur, snatam kaur,manvir and kumari, 3ho, remixed, darmik, religious, bhangra, whatevers on the radio, etc! The Lord gives us his blessings though many platforms.

What I can give in a relationship is...
Loyalty, Truthfulness, Honesty, Motivation, Oneness, Sangat, Warriorship and lots lots more just touching the tip of the iceberg. Its not really about what i can give but what WE both can give, its a mutual relationship, the effort should be mutual - we have each others back til the end, through the roughs and toughs, with our word to the Guru, the Lord. Satnam.

My Partner Profile
Basic Info
Age22 to 34
Marital StatusNever Married
Has ChildrenNo
Height Range4ft 8in - 142cm - 5ft 7in - 170cm
Body TypeAverage, Slim/slender, Athletic

Country of Residence: Any Country
Primary Language Doesn't Matter
Sikh Values

I am looking for someone who is the following:
Doesn't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes
Practicing Sikh:
Yes, No

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