25 year old Sikh man, currently living in Delhi, India

-Amritdhari Gursikh, Who Is Willing To Sacrifice His Sleep To Stay Away From 84 Lac Birth-Cycle/reincarnation...... More

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karan Amritdhari Gursikh, Who Is Willing To Sacrifice His Sleep To Stay Away From 84 Lac Birth-Cycle

About Me
Basic Info
Posted by : Self
Marital StatusNever Married
Height5ft 9in - 175cm
Body TypeSlim/slender
Primary Language Punjabi
Astrological SignUnspecified
Profile Last Modified:25-Oct-2018
My Location
Current Residence: Delhi, India
Residency Status:Citizen
Family fromIndia
My Sikh Values
I wear a turbanYes
I am a vegetarianYes
HairI keep my hair uncut
AlcoholI don't drink alcohol
SmokeI don't smoke
I am a Practicing SikhYes
Spiritual ValuesHighly important to me
General cultural valuesMix of East and West

My Education and Career
Education Bachelors
OccupationComputer Professional
Annual IncomeUnspecified

More About Me and My Interests

About myself and the type of person I would like to meet.
-Amritdhari Gursikh, Who Is Willing To Sacrifice His Sleep To Stay Away From 84 Lac Birth-Cycle/reincarnation.

-honest,loyal, person who likes to focus only on those things which really means something in my life!

Babiha Amrit Vele Boliya Ta Dar Suni Pukar
Meghe Nuun Furman Hoa Varso Kirpa Dhar

(Babiha, the song bird, sang in the nectar hours of early morning and then the universal spirit heard his call, The timeless heard the prayer and ordered the rain ( mercy and compassion) to fall )

If you are ready to get up and pray everyday around 2:30 AM or 3 AM in the morning, ping me!

What it means to me to be a Sikh
being a sikh, you should mediate on God as much as you can, that too in amritvela.

My Favorite books, music, songs, movies, etc.
AKJ, Baru Sahib

My Partner Profile
Basic Info
Age to
Marital Status
Has ChildrenNo
Height Range5ft 0in - 152cm - 7ft 0in - 213cm
Body TypeDoesn't Matter

Country of Residence: Any Country
Primary Language Doesn't Matter
Sikh Values

I am looking for someone who is the following:
Vegetarian Only
Abstains from alcohol and cigarettes
Practicing Sikh:

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