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Summary of Question:Foreigner In Hong Kong
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/20/2003 10:24 PM MST

I born in Hong Kong and i'm geeting married in India the guy is India born i guess the guys family want him to settle in Hong Kong but i don't want to stay in Hong Kong i like India alot i wanted to stay in India forever i don't know how to make them understand there's nothing in foreign u can only get respect and happiness in India.Pls help me

Sat siri akaal. Seems this should have been worked out before marrying.

Your experience of Hong Kong is one of racism, if I understand your query correctly. (I was there in the 80s and had an unpleasant experience as an American.) The only way your husband will decide he doesn't want to stay in Hong Kong is to have some bad experiences himself and decide he wants to leave. Since your opinion on this doesn't seem to be heard, the only way he will decide to leave is from having his own experience there change his mind about staying. Or his motives for staying in Hong Kong may CHANGE so that he wants to leave. Meanwhile, meditate on the Naam daily and make the most of your experience in Hong Kong. If you change your outlook and determine within yourself to find good things about living in Hong Kong, you might not have such an unpleasant experience. Guru ang sang,

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Foreigner In Hong Kong (11/20/2003)
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