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How to Create a Good Listing
Begin with a Really Good Photo
People want to know what you look like. When it comes to finding a mate, there are so many cues we pick up from the face of another person. Take the time to have a nice photo of yourself for your listing. Here are some tips for the photo:

Dress your best. This may be the only opportunity to catch the eye of Mr. or Miss Right. Be at your best. Wear clothes that are tasteful, graceful and dignified. Take yourself seriously so that others will take you seriously, as well.

Make sure the photo is recent. Honesty in your listing will attract a suitable partner. If you are false in your listing, how can the right person find you? Post a photo that shows you as you look today. It will help establish trust and credibility with those who are interested in meeting you.

Have the photo be of you only. With group pictures, it is difficult to distinguish who YOU are. Have the picture be of you and you alone.

The background of the photo says a lot. Where is the photo being taken? In your living room? Standing by your car? In a photo studio? Wherever it is – the background of the photo says a lot about you, as well. Make sure the background communicates who you are, what your tastes and interests are. People will look for clues about your personality in the picture – so set a good stage.

Your photo is your calling card. People will remember what you look like more than what you say. Good pictures create good impressions. Make sure your calling card leaves the impression you want it to leave.

Be Straight and Descriptive in the Title
The title of your post should be straight, descriptive, and real. If you go for humor, that’s good, too. State honestly and sincerely who you are. This creates a feeling of trust and more people will look at your listing.

Talk About Yourself
Who are you? What’s important to you? What are some of your life goals? Be brief, but speak in a way that is honest and real. Give people a sense of who you truly are.

Talk About Who You’re Looking For
Write a few guidelines about the right type of person for you. This will help others decide whether they would be the right person for you. Again, be brief but be honest about the type of partner you need.

Update your Listing From Time to Time
Every few weeks, log on and update your listing. You may want to add something new, or take out something that you wrote before. This keeps your listing fresh and new, no matter how long your post has been on the website.

Check for Errors
At the end, make sure you double-check that everything is spelled properly, and that you have used good grammar. Take the time to make sure that it represents YOU, your standards, your values, and your truth. Sometimes, out of insecurity, people will not put very much energy into their listing or be shy about saying something. The more time and energy you invest in making your listing interesting and truly representative of who you are, the better the response will be.
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