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On Communication
Basically, if a husband and wife cannot sit and talk with each other honestly, no psychiatrist or psychologist or minister or counselor can make them talk honestly.
It is lack of honesty in a relationship which is causing the irritation and is causing the fight. A man does not suffer with anything else but dishonesty. Hallucination and mental projection which is not practical, realistic is a dishonest existence.

What keeps people together is a continuous search for honesty. It is a continuous urge to seek honesty. Without honesty, we do not have any hope. And people who are not honest in their communication shall never be happy, come what may. And those who will not learn the art of happiness will not be healthy because unhappiness will tax their health. An unhealthy person will never be holy because he can’t meditate. So we are fighting a vicious cycle.

Therefore, counsel each other now. Save money. Feed each other. Learn to talk things out immediately.

People who honor and value their words, when they speak they bind God. You should communicate with affection and sweetness. If your language is sweet, you can rule the whole world.

Whether you can value your own words is the test of the soul of the man. Your entire value is your word. Your word is your soul. Value, practice and prove your word.

If your values can change, your words will change. If your values do not change, neither will the word. Those who do not know how to live up to their words won’t have the knowledge to know God. When you betray your own words, you betray your own concept and the universe shall betray you.

Once you give your word, you cannot take it back. If one will exalt the word, the word will exalt him in this world.

Excerpts from Relax and Rejoice: A Marriage Manual Volume 1. Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Copyright Yogi Bhajan. For more information on Relax and Rejoice: A Marriage Manual, please contact Ancient Healing Ways at: or phone: (800) 359-2940.
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