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What Are You Looking for in a Marriage Partner?
When you decide to make a major investment in your life - college education, post-graduate degree, a new car, a home, a stock portfolio - you always do your homework. The homework is simple: what am I looking for? What is available? Are there any good matches?

Yet - when it comes to finding a mate, sometimes we want to leave it in the hands of Fate. "I'll know him when I see him," or "The perfect girl must be waiting for me somewhere."

Marriage is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. You will invest your time, your breath, your love, your money, your effort, your family, your spirit, your laughter, your tears - everything into another person in order to build a home, create children and build the future. If you want to find a good marriage partner, we humbly recommend that you sit down with yourself, first, and decide what a good marriage partner for you would be.

You're never going to find the perfect person. But if you make a list of everything you would like in a spouse and then prioritize what is most important to you, you have a much better chance at success. Make the list before you start the search. We all know that chemistry is powerful, but sometimes chemistry can lead us into the perfectly WRONG match. Know what values you want in your mate, what virtues, what the character of the person should be. And then search from that criteria. In most cases, chemistry will happen naturally if there is a genuine respect, affection and regard for each other.

Here are some guidelines to help you create the vision of Mr. or Miss. Right. Write everything you would like, then decide: what is important, what is negotiable, and what is not important. It's a guide for you as you begin your journey.

    What is your spouse's character?
    What values are important to your spouse?
    What virtues does your spouse possess?
    What level of education and/or intelligence does your spouse have?
    What income level?
    What talents might your spouse have?
    How strong is your spouse's connection to Sikhism?
    What are your spouse's lifestyle habits?
    What interests might your spouse have?
    How does your spouse behave towards you and towards other people?
    What does your spouse look like? How does he or she dress and live?

    COMING SOON! Sikh Matrimonials Relationship Pyramid MatchMaker. Match your values, communication, personality and interest with one of our members and find out how compatible you are!
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