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Win the Trust, Keep the Trust
What is Bana? Why is wearing a turban, keeping kesh, wearing the five K's important? Because it establishes trust in the eyes of another human being.

Look good for success. Don't dress so that you look common. Don't look common. Project your special image. Present your special image with a special personality, with as special beingness. God has not made anybody equal. We are not the same in size, shape or dimension. That’s the law. Each one is individual and each one must appear as himself.

What we mean by looking good is you can be trusted. Give the person you are relating to a break, give him a saintly look.

Look good and win the trust. I dress like this all the time. It’s nice. Somebody may not trust me immediately, but they will in the end. There is no hurry to win the trust. Don’t hurry. Just look good and win it. How many of you knew that you should look trustworthy? In your life, did anyone teach you about it?

You may be very well-dressed, well-mannered, well-positioned, well equipped, well, well, well in everything but if you do not win trust, you have not arrived.

I’ll tell you what Bana does. Bana has a message. Bana tells another person, "I am a committed individual of God and I shall not betray it come what may." That’s what it is. It is a ministry of trusted individuals. In most cases it will provoke a first query. “Who are you?” Then you will answer the call.

Look good, smell good, speak good, socialize, have kind language, manners, etiquette and projection.

Projection is the most important of all self-behavior. Your projection is how you do anything you do and how that doing is perceived by others.

Trust is no good if you can’t keep it. Keeping it is no good if you can’t deliver. And why should you win the trust to begin with? For success! There is no success without it. We are not here learning to be failures. We are here learning to be successful. I am teaching you how God has planned human success.

Why should we personally win the trust? Because it is the first step of success. We win trust by looking good. By looking good to whom? To whom do we want to look good? We want to look good to the memory of the other person. Try to understand. We don’t need to look good to the eyes of the other person, not that you don’t want to look good as you are, but it is their memory that you want to impress.

Look good to the memory of the other person…to their memory, memory, memory, memory, memory. Get to the bottom of it. Your remembrance must be good with a person. That person must, in his memory, feel you looking good to him. Look good to the memory. That is where you establish confidence. Whenever you are remembered by the person the memory must create a good feeling. The pineal, the pituitary and the hypothalamus must secrete accordingly. When you win the memory, you win the glandular system. The good feeling comes from the accompanying glandular secretions. If you don’t win the glandular system of the person and his glands secrete negatively, it doesn't matter what you say, it doesn’t matter what you do.

Success which is not everlasting is failure. Secondly, success is success when neither time nor space can take it away.

Success is success. It has not time and space, so don’t, don’t, don’t be in a hurry. Don’t worry and don’t hurry. Worry and hurry are the two enemies of success. Keep the trust. That is what I mean when I say, “Keep up.” Keep up means keep the trust flowing, keep the trust going, keep the trust living, keep the trust accelerating. Keep the trust with the memory of the other person forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Then, ultimately, you’ll become God.

I’ll give you the secret of how to become God. When you are called in the name of trust by the other individual, and you come through and you deliver it, you are the God. When God is called upon in the name of justice and truth, God delivers. Simple.

From Man to Man, Part 7, "The Successful Man." Copyright Yogi Bhajan. For more information on the Man to Man series, please contact Ancient Healing Ways or phone: (800) 359-2940.
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