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How Sikh Matrimonials Works
Anand Karaj - Sikh Wedding CeremonyWelcome! Are you or is someone you love looking for a good match? Let Sikh Matrimonials assist you in your search.

What Is the Purpose of Sikh Matrimonials?
So many Sikhs are looking for a spouse. But the tradition behind marriage within the Sikh community is changing. Some people are looking to arrange a match for their son or daughter. Others are assisted by family and friends in meeting someone. And still others are trying the modern Western way of meeting and choosing a spouse for themselves.

No matter what approach feels right for you, Sikh can assist you with your search. Our job is to provide a graceful and easy-to-use on-line communication forum for you to learn about other people and begin the delicate process of getting to know someone else within a totally secure and supportive environment.

Who Should Sign Up For Sikh Matrimonials?
Sikh serves the world-wide Sikh community, from ages 18-80 and beyond. If you are looking for a good match for your son, daughter, relative or close friend – Sikh is a good place to post a listing (with their permission, of course.) If you have never been married before and want to find someone - this is the perfect place to begin your search. If you have been married before and would like to get married again – there are plenty of members for you to consider. In short, we are here to serve everybody.

How do I Begin?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step ONE: Register and Post a Free Listing
You can begin your search for your potential spouse by adding your listing to Sikh This service is free. There is no cost to you. Our comprehensive and personal Profile process will give you a chance to really talk about who you are and outline the criteria of the person you are looking for. You can post a photo, describe what Sikh values you cherish most and share information about your family and educational background. It is a thorough process so that you and others are clear about who you are and the match you would like.

Step TWO: Search Current Listings
Sikh is the LARGEST on-line Sikh Matrimonials website, with thousands of members. To assist you with your search, we have a powerful database system that offers both basic and advanced Search options. You can search our listings based on age, country of residence, education, Sikh values and more.

You also can save up to three sets of search criteria under “Saved Searches” in “My Place.” This allows you to run the same searches every time you return to the site, without having to re-enter the search criteria each time you visit.

Step THREE: Free Initial Contact
By the grace of the Guru, as you look through our listings, you will find other members who match your search criteria and who sound promising. Likewise, other people will view your profile and decide that they would like to find out more about you. Sikh allows you to initiate contact for free. Through our special internal email network, you can let someone know that you would like to begin a dialogue.

Support Services
As you continue to search for your spouse, Sikh offers other support services to assist you.

Manage Contacts and Communication in Total Privacy
Sikh provides a sophisticated Contact Management system. As other members initiate contact with you, you can view their profiles and then decide whether to accept or decline their invitation. You can also track members with whom you have initiated contact and their responses. Our special internal email network allows you to conduct your email communications in total privacy. No one needs to know your private email address until you decide to give them that information for yourself.

Star Rating
In order to help our members assess who is active and serious in their search for a spouse, we have developed a special star rating system. After you’ve interacted with a member, you can award them one star each for Promptness, Courtesy and Honesty. Other members also have the opportunity to rate you. This star system helps those looking through the Matrimonials determine who is serious about finding a match.

Track Your Statistics
Of course, you will want to know if the listing you posted is effective. To assist with this, Sikh offers Profile Statistics. You can track how many times your profile has been viewed by other members, how many people have initiated contact with you, how many members have saved your profile to their "Favorites" list and more.

Activity Rating
Our Activity Rating will tell you how active a member is and how likely you are to get a response from them, based on their interactions with other members. Someone with a high activity rating is more likely to respond back to your contact message than someone with a low activity rating. This is one more tool for you to assess who is seriously looking for a marriage partner.

Marriage Assistance and Safety Tips
Searching for a spouse and deciding on a life-long commitment is something we all take very seriously. Marriages that last are based on shared values and a commitment that goes beyond the personality. How do you go about this search in a realistic and secure way? How do you make a decision? What type of spiritual support do you need in order to understand and negotiate the blessings and challenges that come along with marriage? This special section offers articles and tips on these and other topics.

Report Misuse
All but a very few of the members posted on Sikh are serious, commitment-minded individuals looking for a spouse. If you should have an interaction with someone who you feel is misusing this site and the services that are offered here, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can take the appropriate action to preserve the integrity and purpose of Sikh

Thank you for reading through our Visitor’s Area. May God bless you and Guru guide you to the marriage that serves your highest and best destiny.
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