The Nuts and Bolts of Prosperity
We know the stories. We know how the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) came to the West in the late 1960s, leaving behind his family and his job, and arriving with next to nothing because his luggage was lost. We know how he trained teachers rather than gather disciples. We know how those teachers, especially the early ones, established ashrams and businesses in distant cities and countries with little more than a faith in God and Guru. And we know that the businesses are thriving, and there are now 3HO centers and ashram communities all over the globe.
We know how Guru Gobind Singh lost his four sons, his parents and most of his Sikhs. We know that at that point of supreme loss he wrote a letter to the Moghul tyrant Aurangzeb proclaiming victory against
tyranny. And we know that Sikhism is now the world’s fifth largest religion, and the Moghul empire has long since collapsed.
We know the stories. They are all about the Radiant Body. Real prosperity requires success, and unstoppable success requires a strong Radiant Body. When we take Amrit (formal Sikh baptism), we are taking on part of Guru Gobind Singh’s radiance. When we recite Jaap Sahib and Tav Prasad Swaye and also the 25th Pauri of Japji, we enhance our Radiant Bodies. The Song of the Khalsa is about the Radiant Body. Leaving our hair uncut enhances the Radiant Body. All those prosperity meditations that use the mantra HAR HAR HAR HAR GOBINDAY, HAR HAR HAR HAR MUKANDAY, HAR HAR HAR HAR UDHAARAY, HAR HAR HAR HAR APAARAY, HAR HAR HAR HAR HARIANG, HAR HAR HAR HAR KARIANG, HAR HAR HAR HAR NIRNAAMAY, HAR HAR HAR HAR AKAAMAY enhance the Radiant Body. We are blessed beyond measure to have and utilize these technologies because if we want to experience unbeatable prosperity, if we want to go beyond our circumstances, then the Radiant Body must be strong.
Trying to define the Radiant Body is a little like trying to define God because it extends beyond the aura into Infinity. At least it does that when it is strong. It is the extra sparkle of the Soul. At least, it is when it is strong. When it is very weak, people become basket cases, which is not what human beings are intended to be.
As part of the Master’s Touch class of Winter Solstice 1997, Yogi Bhajan taught a powerful kriya to magnify the Radiant Body. He told us how a man came to him in terrible physical state; the doctor gave that man three months to live. Yogi Bhajan had that man do this kriya (he also changed his diet) and today that man is completely healthy and happy. I did this kriya during a period of intense stress and remained healthy during the time I did it, plus I came up with a creative way to attend Summer Solstice when funds would otherwise have been short.

Kriya to Magnify the Radiant Body (12-20-97)

Spread the fingers of the left hand as far apart as possible and place the hand on the heart center with the thumb pointing up. Make the right hand into a fist with the index finger extended and pointing up. Place the right arm by the side with the elbow down and the index finger pointing up with the tip at eye level with the palm facing forward. Close the eyes and breath deeply a few times. Chant the mantra AAD SACH, JUGAAD SACH, HEIBHEE SACH, NAANAK HOSE BHEE SACH, pulling the navel powerfully on each “Sach,” so that the navel connects with the spine. Continue for at least 8 minutes. (Yogi Bhajan said that different people might need different durations. 11 minutes seems to work well for classes.) Inhale and relax.
Note: This kriya also enhances intuition provided the fingers of the left hand are kept spread wide and the navel is pulled powerfully on each “Sach.”

Siri Kirpal Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and homemaker who lives in Oregon with her non-Sikh husband. Her home is registered as a Gurdwara on the Internet. She invites you to visit! Siri Kirpal Kaur is currently working on a book on prosperity based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
From Prosperity Paths Issue: October, 2000
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