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Summary of Question:Why People Pray Mool Mantar In 40 Days?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/25/2005 6:56 AM MST

SSA , i want to know why people pray mool mantar in 40 days, wat will they get after praying mool mantar in 40 days ? wat to avoid in the time of praying in this 40 days ? wat if i have my periods ? do i still continue or stop until its ok ? please do reply , thanks

(REPLY) Sat Nam. It takes 40 days to establish a habit. The Mul Mantra has been said to bring prosperity, and to change fate to destiny. You do not need to stop reciting during your period. That is a natural function of your body as a woman, there's nothing wrong with it. Blessings, SP

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Why People Pray Mool Mantar In 40 Days? (01/25/2005)
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