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Summary of Question:I Teach Kundalini Yoga And Would Like To Wear Typical Sikh Outergarments
Date Posted:Wednesday, 10/19/2005 9:56 AM MDT

I would appreciate information on where to purchase everyday Sikh outer clothing and turban material. I teach Kundalini Yoga in Olympia Washington and resources are limited. Sat Nam

Sat Nam. If you are not a Sikh, and not living according to the Sikh code of conduct, please do not put on a turban just to teach class. As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, all you have to do is dress gracefully in white or off white, natural fiber clothing. and cover your head. A turban is a sign of commitment to the Sikh Dharma --it says, "I'm a Sikh, and I live according to the principles of my religion." A turban is not just a costume to be put on temporarily. You can tie a scarf or find some kind of knitted skull cap. As for clothing, if you mean churidars, for instance, possibly someone in the Washington area may be able to direct you to a source. Search on the IKYTA website (or find the link for a list of Certified KY teachers on the website.) Also, at Summer and Winter Solstices, usually white yoga clothing is sold in the Bazaar. SP


I disagree with the answer given above. No one owns the turban. No one owns the clothes of Guru Gobind Singh. It is not owned by Sikhism or Sikh Dharma. It is owned by the person who decides to wear a spiritual crown. And it is between that person and Guru/God - no one else. Follow your heart. Follow your experience. The turban is a beautiful and powerful symbol and experience, and it is denied to no one.

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I Teach Kundalini Yoga And Would Like To Wear Typical Sikh Outergarments (10/19/2005)
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