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Last Online:    11 Nov-2018
23 year old Sikh woman, currently living in Uttar Pradesh, India

I Am Independent , Spiritual And Confident Girl.
I am a Amritdhari sikh girl. I am simple and family person. I am working as a freenlancer, my work does not include any..... More

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About Me
Basic Info
Posted by : Sibling
Marital StatusNever Married
Height5ft 3in - 160cm
Body TypeSlim/slender
Primary Language Punjabi
Astrological SignUnspecified
Profile Last Modified:1-Jun-2018
My Location
Current Residence: Uttar Pradesh, India
Residency Status:Citizen
Family fromIndia
My Sikh Values
I wear a turbanYes
I am a vegetarianYes
HairI keep my hair uncut
AlcoholI don't drink alcohol
SmokeI don't smoke
I am a Practicing SikhYes
Spiritual ValuesHighly important to me
General cultural valuesMix of East and West

My Education and Career
Education Bachelors
OccupationSelf-employed Person
Annual IncomeUnder $50,000

More About Me and My Interests

About myself and the type of person I would like to meet.
I am a Amritdhari sikh girl. I am simple and family person. I am working as a freenlancer, my work does not include any travel. So i am earning while staying at home.I do not bleive in showing off. As i am amritdhari girl but i still love listening good music, writing sometime and hanging out with my friends.I want my family partner to be more a friend than a person judging my acts.
He should be understanding,family person, a true friend and an honest man And should be earning at least quite a fair amount, so we as a family do not have to worry when in need. That is all i want in my partner for life.

My Partner Profile
Basic Info
Age to
Marital StatusDoesn't Matter
Has ChildrenDoesn't Matter
Height Range5ft 8in - 172cm - 6ft 0in - 182cm
Body TypeDoesn't Matter

Country of Residence: Any Country
Primary Language Doesn't Matter
Sikh Values

I am looking for someone who is the following:
Practicing Sikh:

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