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Last Online:    13 Aug-2011
33 year old Sikh woman, currently living in Delhi, India

Was A Long Search Wasn’T It ?!?!?!?
I see myself as intelligent, creative and good natured. Sometimes I am stubborn and very strong but there is also a weaker..... More

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About Me
Basic Info
Posted by : Self
Marital StatusDivorced
Height5ft 3in - 160cm
Body TypeAverage
Primary Language Punjabi
Astrological SignVirgo
Profile Last Modified:13-Aug-2011
My Location
Current Residence: Delhi, India
Residency Status:Citizen
Family fromIndia
My Sikh Values
I wear a turbanNo
I am a vegetarianNo
HairI keep my hair uncut
AlcoholI don't drink alcohol
SmokeI don't smoke
I am a Practicing SikhOccasionally
Spiritual ValuesSomewhat important to me
General cultural valuesMix of East and West

My Education and Career
Education Diploma
OccupationNon-mainstream professional
Annual IncomeRs.4,00,001 - 5,00,000

More About Me and My Interests

About myself and the type of person I would like to meet.
I see myself as intelligent, creative and good natured. Sometimes I am stubborn and very strong but there is also a weaker and feminine side to me. I don’t show it to everyone cuz I get hurt very fast but I love to be pampered and felt loved. I am a very good company and a real friend. I don’t see myself being disloyal to friends for personal gains. In fact I see myself as very giving and that sometimes is what ends me getting hurt.
Someone once said, “its never boring around you and you always come up with something. You are a breath of fresh air and I confess here that speaking to you keeps me off some of my great stresses in business and my personal life”.

I am a very passionate and intimate person who has not been explored thoroughly.
I am always told that I am very attractive. That my smile can lite a room but hey! I am not taking any guarantees of that so you better make sure the house has enuf light….hehe.

I have this strong side of me that pushes people away but when they come to know me, I am actually so feminine that it is unbelievable. I think I also send out this pheromone – that’s all I can say about myself.

I have been burnt once so you would ustand my need to be extra careful in choosing my life partner. Of course I want to share my life with someone special.
I know and ustand that there is no such thing as a perfect relation. Two individuals have to really work hard to ustand n be ustood by your partner. Love at first sight does happen but the love that comes from sharing and caring stays forever. I think I can give 200% in a relation.

Being a Virgo I am my biggest critic. I hate making a mistake or hurting people I love. I am 31 but still seems like there is a lot to learn in life not from life but in life. I would want to learn them with and from my partner. I see my partner as someone I can trust completely. Someone to whom I can come all the time with my smallest problem as well as the biggest and he handles them for me. I am looking for someone who can guide me in life and help me out when I feel lost. Hold my hand when the path is rough.

I have lived in Japan for 10 years and now am staying in Delhi with my parents and a younger brother. I also have a younger sister who is married and has a daughter. I am working in Delhi as a Japanese Interpreter. I love working and would like to continue wherever I go. But I am as comfortable at home as I am working outside.

I am a very content person. It doesn’t take much to please me. Small thoughtful presents and loving words are more important to me than diamond pendants.

I think I did a good job of telling about myself but not without some help J

I am not waiting for a prince charming, just someone whose mere presence emits love, peace n security.

Something I would like to do but haven't done before
There is so much I would like to do that I haven’t but for starters I would love to see the wonders that God has created for us. And yess I have always wanted to learn to dance and swim.

What being a Sikh means to me.
Guruji’s soldier who is always ready to help the poor or needy. A soldier, with a strong exterior and a very soft caring heart. A person who believes in standing up for the truth and loves n respects everyone.

My Favorite books, music, songs, movies, etc.
Books..hmm! let me see… I have of course read Arthur, Danielle, Sydney, Mcnaught, Archer, Rowling, Tokien, Dahl, M&B.. etc.
I just finished Eragon and am reading Fountainhead at the moment.

Music… classic, soft, trance, lounge, reggae, ghazals etc.
Songs.. Love Bryan Adams, old n new Hindi songs, light Punjabi songs, etc.
Movies.. Comedy, romance, classics. Even 007 type of movies – a good mix of action, romance n comedy.
I prefer watching English movie to Hindi but I do watch all the selected Hindi movies.
I love watching series like ER, 24 hours, 90210, Friends and some Hindi series as well.

What I can give in a relationship is...
Love, understanding and commitment to make it work. I would like to give space to my man to grow to his potential.

My Partner Profile
Basic Info
Age30 to 38
Marital StatusDoesn't Matter
Has ChildrenNo
Height Range5ft 9in - 175cm - 6ft 3in - 190cm
Body TypeDoesn't Matter

Country of Residence: Any Country
Primary Language Doesn't Matter
Sikh Values

I am looking for someone who is the following:
Is a turbaned Sikh
Doesn't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes
Practicing Sikh:

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